Panic in Pandemic

Panic in Pandemic is among the top 10 trending articles of all over internet media in the world. Every individual around the globe must read this significant article in order not to panic in pandemic for easy and better life.

Before we get onto conclusions below is an example of it:

Note: Below example is a short fictitious story in order to understand our conclusions in an elementary way.

Panic In Pandemic
Panic In Pandemic

A Snake & A Frog had a conflict upon who is more powerful enough to scare or harm a human, and below is what they exchanged in words:

Snake: If I bite human, he will die.
Frog: What’s the difference? Even If I bite he will die.

Snake: How is that possible, you are just amphibian, No human can die if you bite.
Frog: Let me prove you.  (Frog made a plan along with Snake)


We will wait standing hidden until we find any human approaching this way, Frog said I will bite that human and get out of his sight. As soon as I bite him, please take my place.

When Human saw snake after he feels the bite, he just died with panicking after knowing Snake has bitten him.


Since Covid-19 came into existence, people with mild illness is also being considered as patient with symptoms of Covid-19 and in the result most of the people are getting hospitalized due to “Panic in Pandemic”. Hospitalization is only required for serious patients such as extreme problem of breathing, Heart Ache, Unconsciousness, Chest pain or loss of speech and movement, or any other problem which is serious or cannot be cured at home. While in Panic, people doesn’t know the practices to be followed for any mild diseases which can be done at our home. Many great doctors has advised public to not panic if it’s just a mild fever, and given lot of instructions for taking it carefully without getting hospitalized. Mild illnesses can be cured at home by following precautions with timely best health practices. “Panic in Pandemic” is just not among the people, but also among the doctors and staff of most hospitals. Due to this many serious patients are not properly treated, such as No Sufficient Aids, No Oxygen Concentrator, No Oxygen Cylinders, No Beds, No Ventilators, No Medicines, Lack of Injections, and much more.

We cannot fight with Covid-19 or any other upcoming disease until we learn to survive till death without panicking. As for so many people death is more honorable as they do not have sufficient funds for getting hospitalized. We should understand that getting hospitalized at earlier illness will lead you to permanent illness and moving forward it may lead you to death.

Some people are now habituated living among the worst illnesses by taking precautions such as wearing masks, always washing hands, sanitizing themselves in regular periods, and social distancing. We should understand that getting hospitalized unnecessarily wont work out and we need to avoid it.

How To Perform Early Treatment For Any Disease:

Dehydration is one of the most common reason for every disease initiative and chances of spreading through out body is more when water inside body is less. Dehydration occurs when more water and fluids leave the body than enter it. Even low levels of dehydration can cause headaches, lethargy, and constipation. The human body is roughly 75 percent of water. Without this water, it cannot survive. Water is found inside cells, within blood vessels, and between cells.

So spreading any kind of infection is easier if you ignore drinking water. Drink water as much as your capacity and capability to fight COVID as well as any other illness.

Hope this “Panic in Pandemic” ends soon and everyone can live a normal life again.


If you are looking for reference of treating yourself at home please click here.

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