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We will collaborate with you to define a world class recruitment strategy, then as an extension of your human resources function Entirety Technologies takes complete ownership of your integrated end-to-end recruitment process

What does an E-Recruiter do?

• Recruit using your company work email address representing your company.
• Recruit using your company area code Phone number provided by us.
• Recruit using your company ATS-Applicant Tracking system if provided.
• Work on the requirements priorities set by you on daily basis.
• Requirement Analysis, priority analysis, setting up work according to analysis.
• Resume/Skill Keywords searches through job boards and multitudinous online groups or websites.
• Email/Call/Qualify matching candidates.
• Skills assessment, Tech Check, Availability check and Rate/salary negotiation.
• Reference checks and verification.
• Submission to end client/liaison and coordinating interview schedules.
• Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Reporting.
• End to end recruiting for VMS/MSP.
• Direct Submissions into the VMS/MSP.
• Attend the weekly VMS/MSP meetings.
• Coordinate with the VMS/MSP representatives for any clarifications on the requirements and the submitted candidates.
• Proactive approach in dealing with portal representatives.
• Handling Interview requests/scheduling/offers/start date.

We provide resume sourcing and screening in your day time. This includes resume sourcing from online Job boards, mining in-house databases, search engines, and from online communities and groups. So that you can allocate ample time and concentrate on contacting the candidates, closing the deals, and other areas of your business for your new client generation and development.
Our Sourcers are trained in profiling, planning and networking their way to exactly the right candidates, quickly and efficiently.
E-Sourcer (Day) will work with you during your work hours (i.e. EST/CST/PST)

Night Sourcer will work for you while you and your competitors are sleeping.
Send us uncovered or priority requirements at the end of the day to our night sourcer and the skillful resumes will be in your inbox even before you reach your office next morning. The complete work of sourcing, screening of resumes, QA checks, forwarding them to you or even e-mailing to the candidates if necessary is done during your night time. So you can start contacting the candidates in the morning to beat the competition, and freely allocate time on other core areas of your business for new clients.

What does an Inbox Recruiter do?

Work using your company area code Phone number provided by us.
Work using your company ATS-Applicant Tracking system if provided.
Read and screen every email from the assigned email address inbox.
Contact all viable candidates and collect all the required details.
Submit resume with details to liaison.

We provide benchsales & H1B marketing solution to clear the candidates on your bench.

What does a Bench Sales /H1B Marketing-Recruiter do?
• Work using your company work email address representing your company.
• Work using your company area code Phone number provided by us.
• Work using your company ATS-Applicant Tracking system if provided.
• Tracking all the new requirements/positions, matching to your candidate skills
• Applying all the new requirements/positions as and when they are posted on the Job boards, Groups, Forums, Social networking sites, Professional Networking sites and Google on behalf of your candidate.
• Follow up the resume submissions with a telephone call, negotiate pay rates with the clients and eventually help you place your candidates.
• Regular follow-ups with the vendor regarding the status of the submissions made
• Our team member will try to place your candidates on bench with in short span of time.

We undertake Resume database clean up and building projects which may include but not limited to: data entry, resume formatting text to document or document to text, resumes entry into your applicant tracking system, converting raw or text data into database or spreadsheets, e-mail response management and documentation, adding/deleting/updating resumes to the database.

Names sourcing is a service of finding people who hold specific Titles or who do specific job functions in targeted Industries or targeted Companies.

Names sourcing guarantees you get only what you specify and you start getting names within a couple of hours.

We will provide you data in a spreadsheet including the name, title, company, and telephone number and/or e-mail address. From here your recruiters can start building relationships with prospective client/candidates and sell them the resume/job opportunity. The cost of our names sourcing service is competitive and quite reasonable and the quality of services provided is high.

We search for positions other companies have advertised on the internet. You tell us about your lead generation needs. We will search and compile such information to enable you to map a market by skill, qualification, profession, region, industry segment etc. so you may market your services more accurately to your client and other prospect companies. We will research and gather all available information and compile it in a database or spreadsheet. This will help you to understand their current hiring needs; allow you to predict future needs; investigate a new market sector and open up new doors for your sales team.

300 USD Per Month
  • 1 Recruiter 1 Sourcer
  • Represent your company
  • Analyzing Requirements
  • Sourcing Resumes
  • Short-listing
  • Interviewing
  • Submitting
  • 2 Recruiters if needed
300 USD Per Month
  • 1 Recruiter
  • Represent your company
  • Track Positions
  • Applying all positions
  • Regular follow up
  • Negotiation
  • Assisting candidates
  • Placement